Vyasa Vidyanikethan Central School (Senior Secondary) Chalakudy, Thrissur District, Kerala State, established in 1995, the first project of Jagadguru Educational Cultural and Charitable Trust, Chalakudy which was sponsored by dedicated and patriotic personnel in and around Chalakudy. It is accepted world wide that ultimate end of education should be a noble character and end of knowledge is inclusion of anything and everything. Education should equip one in terms of not only academic excellence, but also be compassinate development of receptive aptitude to work, ability to apply knowledge on work platform and articulation of situation to achieve goal in life. For this students should be made aware of universal values and develop personal values to synchronize with the same. Illiterates of tomorrow are not those who can not read/write, but those who do not learn and unlearn and relearn. Students should grow in right atmosphere to master this art. Prevalent system of education seldom give strata to connect between knowledge and practical. Apt skill, Proficiency in subjects and values in life create atmosphere of expansion of horizon of knowledge and fortitude to master the subject. Vyasa students are the most luckiest to be in the stream of art of real man making as propounded by Swami Vivekananda.
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SAPARYA Saparya is the spiritual face of personality development of students, whereas training is imparted in various fine arts forms, to develop the inner strength and create refined approach in life. Perpectual practice is given in Dance, Music, Tabla, Mrindangam,Violin (Western & eastern), organ, Guitar, Drawing, Karate. Ghosh (Band set) Kalari and Craft. Two hours long practice on all fridays afternoon on prefered item is provided by experts in the field. Our students exhibit an extra-ordinary aesthetic sense and shown it at various levels. Our pupils are over all champions in various competition held by BVN and other Central agencies in fine Arts, Literature, Science, Sports and Games.